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Sausage Dog Hat Co. Woven Label

Sausage Dog Hat Co. Woven Label

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Are you a fan of those nice flat patches on toques and beanies? (Think those insanely popular Carhartt toques everyone wears now). Well then you're a fan of woven labels!

Woven labels are used almost exclusively on toques and beanies because to be quite honest, they kind of look a bit weird on anything else (though we're always open to try something new!). Woven products use small threads to weave your design together allowing for great detail retention and versatility.

This label is sized at approximately 3.875" x 1.325" and of course looks great on most toques and beanies, especially grey ones and black ones!

How To Order Samples

Our sample ordering process is a bit different and may be a little bit confusing at first, so read these instructions and hopefully it will all make sense. If not just send a quick email over to and we'll help you out!

1. Find the patch you would like, add it to your cart.

2. Find the hat you would like, add that to your cart as well.

3. If you want your patch sewn on in a certain spot on the hat let us know in the notes when you are checking out, if not we will put the patch wherever we think it works best! The main spots are centred or off to the left side (right side when you're looking at it from the front). Keep in mind not all patches will work in all spots depending on size, shape, and type of patch and hat chosen.

4. If you have more than one patch and/or hat please make sure that you add a note when you are checking out to let us know which patch you want on which hat.

5. That's it, you're done! We'll make your samples and ship them out as soon as we can!

If you only have patches in your cart, we will only ship you patches, if you only have hats in your cart we will only ship you blank hats.

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